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Chef Cherita was born in Winston Salem NC. She lived in Winston Salem until she was in the 3rd grade. Her and her mother then moved to Rose Hill NC where she resided until her 10th grade year of high school. Cherita and her mother then moved back to Winston Salem, for about two years. Cherita and her mom then moved to Beaufort SC, at the beginning of her senior year of high school. For Cherita the moving often was hard, especially after gaining many friendships and then having to leave. Even in the midst of all the moving, Cherita gained a LOVE for cooking, which in time taught her different techniques’ and allowed her to discover new foods, flavor and spices.


Cherita was blessed with her great aunt Lillie Watkins whom, is known as Momma. Aunt Lillie is the essence of Cherita’s childhood. Cherita’s love for food can definitely be said came from her great Aunt Lillie. Cherita recalls sitting beside Aunt Lillie while she made homemade dumplings, learning the different ingredients and how to make this wonderful dish. Aunt Lillie would often make her famous Blackberry dumplings Sundays for dinner. Aunt Lillie would prepare Saturday evening  and finish up Sunday morning while they attended church so when they would arrive home all she had to do was warm up a few things, get comfortable  and enjoy this delicious meal and her beautiful family.


Cherita attended the Art Intuition for two years, but having fallen in love and having her first daughter,  school had to be put on hol., But her undying love of cooking never left. Starting a family gave her a personal audience to feed every day. Her husband would joke about how he would carry his lunch to work and his coworkers replying; hey you have gourmet meals at home every day don’t you. 


Lakenta’s Essence has always been Cherita’s dream even while attending Culinary School. Cherita’s dream has been to open a catering business. Not really wanting the restaurant experience because she wants the ability to have more of a one on one experience with her guests and the ability to also treat everybody like family. Food is the open platform that everyone can have a voice and be heard because food always brings people together. Lakenta’s Essences  is striving to be that source that you can always depend on for all your catering needs. Chef Cherita strives to make this the easiest part of your event. She wants you to know that you will be in great hands through the whole entire experience with her. Cherita makes sure she can fully meet all your catering needs including food, decorating the venue, and creating an exciting vibe and experience.


Tel: 919-452-4813  |  Email: CSTREATER0909@OUTLOOK.COM



Appetizers that have a bold  taste


The Lunch Box With A Twist

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Promoting strong  family values while providing a delicious meal with top of the line service; It’s always more than just a meal, it’s an experience.



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Tel: 919-452-4813 |  Email: CSTREATER0909@OUTLOOK.COM

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